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Falcons awarded game

After a nightmare journey to a match that had been postponed at the last minute the previous week, and confirmed at 3:30pm on the day of the fixture, the Falcons have just been awarded the game that was finally played on November 8th – details we re

Match Report – Woodley Jets vs Falcons

Sunday 18th November 2018 ~ Wessex Mens Division 3 Woodley Jets 58 – Aztecs Falcons 44 (9-15; 23-27; 42-40; 58-44) Leading scorers: Paul Howard 16; Matt Sawyer and Dan Warren 8; Mike Cairncross and Matt Blowfield 4 Match summary: Basketball is a ver

Match Report – Falcons vs Wolfpack Mohegans

Aztecs Falcons 30 – Wolfpack Mohegans 59 (5-11; 11-26; 25-40; 30-59) Leading scorers: Ben Roberts 11; Iain Rogers 6; Dan Warren 4 Match summary: This game was a most enjoyable contest for the Falcons in every respect except the result. With non-play