Match Report – Aldworth Arrows v Storm

Match Report – Aldworth Arrows v Storm




This was a particularly satisfying win given the difficult start. It was a victory built on guts, composure, and some really good team offence. Aldworth Arrows had a big strong physical team out 67 points is our highest score against them for at least 5 years.

Arrows won the first quarter 16-10 as we struggled to get going, limited a bit by having only 6 players. In the second quarter, by which time we had added Jade, we really turned the game round. In the middle of that quarter we scored 15 points without reply to take a 25-19 lead as we stepped up the defensive cohesion and intensity. Almost all those 15 points and the vast majority of our points in the first three quarters came from inside, as a result of good movement and good passing. We drew a lot of fouls and made 7 of 9 free throws in the quarter. By half time we were just one down. Reanna had arrived for the second half and slowly we began to dominate. We continued to create good opportunities in the third quarter but did not finish as well. That led to us getting a bit ragged and we ended the quarter just 2 points ahead when we could have been well clear. However, in the fourth quarter we played more aggressively in defence forcing more turnovers. Our offensive transition was very strong and we consistently outnumbered Arrows down court giving us the opportunity to score more on the break. We steadily built a lead and forced them to chase the game. We never really had a dry spell in the final quarter so they could never build momentum. We scored 24 points in the quarter despite actively running the clock down in the last 3 minutes.

Overall other than the frequent elbows in the ribs it was a really enjoyable evening. According to the score sheet Caroline Turner committed no fouls! But then the scoresheet also says that the game was won by Aztec Suns!


Scorers were Becky 24, Jenny 20, Jade 8, Reanna 6, Laura 4, Nicky 4, Amanda 1. Once again sadly no stats on steals and turnovers but my perception we were good again on both. One stat worth noting is that our free throw percentage was 61% matching the seasons average. Last season it was 55% so a good improvement.


Sunday November 25th Woodley Away 5.20 p.m. at Reading Blue Coat School

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