Wessex League information

Wessex League information

Wessex League Pre-Season Meeting

Wednesday 12th September 2018 7:30pm QMC Basingstoke


Many members of Aztecs will be familiar with much of the pre-season information.

New information, or points to be emphasised, are highlighted for you.



It is vital that ALL teams check the handbook carefully for errors, especially involving contact details for members of that club. Inform Ian Lester of any errors as a matter of urgency.



Clubs should ensure that the club is registered before trying to register players/coaches/table officials/referees/team officials and team followers

Players licensed to play National League can play Division 1, but permission must be sought from the Wessex League for players wishing to play in Division 2 or 3 games.

Players registered to play in the BBL must get permission from the Wessex League. Failure to do this will result in a 20-0 forfeit.

Junior National League players do not need to seek this permission.

There should be no youngsters on the team bench at any time, so children should NOT be registered as team followers.

For ALL games there should be no one on the bench, or on the bench side of the court, who is not a team registered person.



If photos/film is to be taken at any game that involved U18s then permission must be sought from both teams.

If no U18s are involved, then the policy of the venue must be followed (NO photographs/filming at QMC)

All coaches MUST complete a safeguarding course and those coaching U18 players must also have a DBS check too. It costs £20

Senior players who undertake some coaching duties do not need to have these checks.



This year a played getting TT, TU, UT, UU will be disqualified from the game, and that is the punishment, so these offences will no longer be dealt with by the league disciplinary committee.

Players getting a disqualifying foul (D) WILL be see by the WLDC and be given 7 disciplinary points and may get more after the case is reviewed. Points will (usually) be zeroed at end of season.

In the case of a D the referees MUST report the incident to the WLDC within 72 hours. Reports from players/coaches/table officials may also be sought. Referees should make a comment on reverse of scoresheet and sign it. In this case BOTH SIDES of the scoresheet should be submitted to the league organiser at the end of the game.


Table officials

All games should involve at least one qualified table official. If there is only 1 qualified table official they should be the scorer, unless they are undertaking an assessment game.

All table officials must be registered with the Wessex League, either as a player, table official or team follower.

For all finals the table officials will be appointed by the Wessex League, and those table officials will be paid £10 fee.


New WL Committee members

  • Technical Secretary: Nadine Dudley
  • Ladies League Manager: Jon Clausen-Berg


League and Cups 2018-19

There are 7 new mens’ teams and 3 new ladies’ teams – Hungerford (Men) and Wolfpack and Phantoms Academy (Ladies) are out.



Division Teams Games

1 9 16

2 10 18

3 12 22


1 7 18 (play 3 times)

2 8 14

Play-Offs: Sunday 19th May at Aldershot Garrison

e-mail results to fixtures live within 24 hours.

Send CLEAR photo or scanned sheet or original to

Men: [email protected]

Women: [email protected]

Cup draws:

Karl Taylor Shield:

Jags home to Basingstoke Blizzards 1

Lemmings home to Kennet Kingfishers

Falcons away to Craftsman LT Utd (Latvian team) who play at Theale

Richard Bell Cup:

Suns away to Winchester Angels

Storm have a bye

Round 1 between 13 and 19 October

All teams play 2 games, progressing to the Plate if they lose their FIRST game, even if that game is in Round 2 (Storm go into plate if they lost their first game after getting a bye through Round 1)

Cup matches take priority over league games

Finals 27th January at Aldershot Garrison


Nominated players

Aztecs teams should have nominated players as follows:

Jags: 5 players who can NOT play down to Lemmings

Lemmings: 5 players who CAN play UP to Jags but NOT DOWN to Falcons

Falcons: No players need be nominated

All non-nominated players can play EITHER up OR down, but NOT both.

Up/down refers ONLY to adjacent divisions, so a Falcon can NOT play for the Jags, and a non-nominated Lemming can play for the Jags OR the Falcons.

Storm: 5 players who can NOT play down

Suns: No players need be nominated

All non-nominated players can play for either or both teams.

In all cases the 5 nominated players would normally be your best players, and they can be changed with the permission of the Wessex League.

These rules are given in full in the handbook and are shown here ONLY for how the rules work for the situation with our players at Aztecs.


Confirming matches and match day protocol

The home team must confirm the date, venue court time, tip-off time and colours with appointed referees at least 7 days before the game. These details to be confirmed with opposition also.

Referees to be paid BEFORE the start by the HOME TEAM, who should then ask opposition for half the total. Referees must submit to the HOME team a completed expenses sheet in order to get paid.

The scoresheet must be completed BEFORE the game starts. Players due to be arriving late should be included in the team lists INCLUDING REGISTRATION NUMBER.

All players must have their registration number assigned on the scoresheet.

At the end of the game the scorer must ensure the final score, the name of the winning team and the TIME OF FINISH are completed, and referees then sign and add notes on back in case of D during game.

It is vital that the original be kept in case of further action.


There are new rules regarding what players can wear – details will be given at meetings on 18th and 21st September (see below)

Nails should not be excessively long; if a player is injured by long nails they should inform the referee who should inform the offending player who should put the problem right!

Piercings should be taped to the satisfaction of the referee or remove them.

No undershirts should be worn (undershirts that are not visible when the wearer is standing up ‘normally’ are allowed. Players requiring undershirts for medical reasons should seek permission of Trevor Funnel who may give special dispensation for that season alone.


New rules and information for players/coaches/table officials and referees

There are two meetings to which all nominated referees MUST attend, and all others MAY attend:

Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke 7:30pm

Tuesday 18th September

Friday 21st September

Aztecs nominated referees are:

Steve Baker

Dave Harper

Stephen Ball

Richard Dorney-Savage

Jeff Skinner

NOTE: New this year, nominated referees are only required to be available on their nominated day if that day is Sunday.



Full details of all the above are in the Wessex League Handbook

Results and fixtures are much more available at the Wessex Basketball League website:






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