Match Report – Falcons vs Wolfpack Mohegans

Match Report – Falcons vs Wolfpack Mohegans

Aztecs Falcons 30 – Wolfpack Mohegans 59

(5-11; 11-26; 25-40; 30-59)

Leading scorers:                        

Ben Roberts 11; Iain Rogers 6; Dan Warren 4

Match summary:                       

This game was a most enjoyable contest for the Falcons in every respect except the result. With non-playing members of the team providing statistical analysis at the side and the bench players providing great support the Falcons on court put in a terrific effort on defence and restricted the league leaders to just 59, the lowest total the Falcons have conceded for four games. Turn-overs were down, and matched by steals (13 in each case), and the emphasis on rebounding was taken to heart by assistant coach Iain Rogers as he pulled down 18 on his own, with the rest of the team together recording a further 17.

The third period saw the team perform on the offensive end rather better as they matched the Mohegans 14-14. Overall eight Falcons scored, the eighth being skipper Tony Upfold who finished a quick break late in the game.

 Key stats:                                        

With so much focus placed on defence and taking rebounds it was understandable that scoring was more difficult, but the stats sheet provided some interesting figures.

Foul shots: 2 of 7 made (5 missed).  2-pointers: 14 of 62 made (48 missed).  3-pointers: 0 of 4 made (4 missed).

This adds up to 113 points missed as a result of missed shots.

Coach Walker’s assessment:              

Following the defeat to Swindon a lot of discussion has taken place about how the team has played, and this was a most pleasing return to the Falcons of last season in that the spirit on and off the court was tremendous, and everyone put a real shift in when they were on the floor. Defence was much better, rebounding was improved, and turn-overs were down. Shooting, as we are all well aware, just has to be better from here on in, with the real emphasis on making to lay-ups and shots close to the basket.

Next game:                                     

Sunday 18th November 2018 at 5:20pm away to Woodley Jets.


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