Less than 24 hours to the Rich Bell Tournie – Fixtures out!

Less than 24 hours to the Rich Bell Tournie – Fixtures out!


In a little under 24 hours, twelve teams will compete in a pre-season tournament in the memory of former club man and Wessex Basketball League stalwart, Richard Bell who sadly passed away, playing the game he loved.

Action tips off at 8:15am with the ladies tournament as the first game is an all-Aztecs battle as the Suns play the Storm, whilst Camden Panthers take on Southampton University.

The men’s competition tip’s off at 9:25am with the ‘Aztecs 1’ taking on Windsor Warriors whilst ‘Aztecs 2’ take on Bracknell Cobras.

The full schedule is below.

Disclaimer:The schedule is subject to change and times stated are the start of the warm up. Access to the courts ahead of this time will not be possible. All teams are encouraged to be ready ahead of time and sat in the spectator chairs of your court ready to change with the outbound teams.


Getting Social!

During the day we will be posting updates and photos on our Instagram and Twitter accounts and so stay tuned. If you want to get involved in your social media posts, use the hashtag #RBTournie2018


Additional information for teams

Registration times:

There are three separate times for registration. If you are competing in the ladies tournament then registration begins at 08:00, 08:45 for the two Aztecs mens teams as well as Bracknell Cobras and Windsor Warriors and 09:30 for the two Woodley teams, Wolfpack and Standlakers.

Please arrive promptly at the above times to ensure we can brief you on the day ahead and that you have time to prepare ahead of your first game. We are running to a tight schedule and games will not be allowed to overrun.


Each team is required to provide 1 person to help with table officiating in the matches where you are not playing. They just need to be familiar with the scoreboard operation and be attentive throughout the game. All referees will be provided, and where possible 1 volunteer table official from our club. This should mean that your team is required to offer someone 3-4 times during the day.

Tournament Format:

The men’s tournament will run with groups split based on current league standard. This is to both encourage a fair and competitive tournament and enable as much basketball as possible to take place in the allotted time.The format for the day will work like this: Round Robin – Every team in each group will play all other teams in their group once.

Each team will be entitled to 1 time out per game. Half time will be 2 minutes. The ranked order of teams at the end of the round robin will determine your opposition in the knockout stages of the competition. At the end of this stage, no team will leave the competition. Knockouts – We will then have 3 competitions playing out semi-finals based on the final standings in the groups: 1st position will play 4th, 2nd position will play 3rd.

The winner of each semi-final will then go on to play in their competitions respective final (Men’s Cup, Men’s Plate, Women’s Final). In the men’s competition if you are knocked out at semi-final stage this is the end of your competition.

Match Timings:

Matches will be 20 minute matches, 2 halves of 10 minutes stopping clock.

Men’s semi-final matches will be 30 minute matches, playing three thirds of 10 minutes stopping clock. Each team will be entitled to 1 time out per game. There will be just 1 minute between thirds. In the case of the women’s competition, a 3rd place game will run alongside the women’s final. Women’s semi-final matches will be 20 minute matches, 2 halves of 10 minutes stopping clock. Each team will be entitled to 1 time out per game. Half time will be 2 minutes. Finals – These matches will be 40 minute matches, made up of 4 quarters of 10 minutes. Each team will be entitled to 2 time outs per game. There will be 2 minutes between quarters and 5 minutes at half time. The women’s 3rd place match will also follow this format.


The women’s tournament will run 08:15 – 15:10, with the presentation at the conclusion of the final. Teams are then welcome to stay and watch the men’s knockout stages if you wish. The men’s tournament will run 09:00 – 17:45, with the presentation at 17:45. Teams then need to vacate the hall so we can clear down promptly.

Food and beverage:

The venue is expecting you and therefore planning to ensure a well-stocked bar, vending machines and food options on site. You will be able to access free water from either the bar or the gym all day. Please ensure you bring a bottle, no open top cups are to be brought into the hall.

First Aid:

All first aid requirements should be directed to the venue reception, who will be able to help with ice packs, plasters etc.

Photography consent forms:

A reminder to bring consent forms for anyone in your team who is under 18, as we will be taking pictures throughout the day of both the games and presentations.


Finally Aztecs Basketball Club would like to remind you that this is a friendly pre-season tournament, set to offer local teams the chance to get some extra basketball in ahead of the new season. With this in mind please come ready to be competitive but in a manner than is respectful, friendly and within the spirit of the game. Extend this approach to all those involved, the organisers, officials, volunteers, facility staff and of course your opposition. We look forward to hosting you on Sunday 9th September.

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