Match report – Storm 68 Winchester 30

Wessex Ladies Div 1

Storm 68 Winchester 30 (24-7, 18-9, 12-4, 14-10)

Stats – Points: Reanna 27, Jade 18; Assists: Nynke 7, Nicky 5; Turnovers: total 9, our second lowest this season

A great performance, on it right from the start, scored the first 9 points and 17 ahead at the end of the quarter. We played some excellent team offence passing crisply, moving the ball well and consequently creating good opportunities inside and out. Jade playing inside was outstanding and gives us another good option When they changed the defence to a 1-2-2 we picked it up quickly and they soon regretted it. The defending was as solid as ever and we just all played a smart game. Given that we only had 7 and 3 of them had just finished playing for the Suns we showed great energy. It progressively sagged as time went on but we had the game well and truly wrapped up a long time before the end. This was a potential banana skin with so many people missing so great to have won so well. 10 and 0 and on to Wolfpack

Next game– Feb 13thaway to Wolfpack

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