Match report – Woking Thunder B vs Aztecs Falcons

Match report – Woking Thunder B vs Aztecs Falcons

Woking Blackhawk Thunder 77 – Aztecs Falcons 37

(23-4; 42-11; 60-21; 77-37)

Leading scorers:

Becky Wellington 12; Chris Giles 6; Justin Hopley/Mike Cairncross 5

Match summary:

After 10 minutes it seemed as though the visitors were dead and buried and heading for a record defeat, but in each subsequent period the Falcons scored more points and conceded fewer and were even up 3-9 at the start of the final session, which they lost by just a single point, 17-16. Everyone scored, with debutant Adam Birch converting an extravagant lay-up on the break and skip Upfold closing the scoring by making a bucket in heavy traffic at the third attempt with nothing left on the clock but the makers name.

Key stats:

On the up-side everyone scored, and the difference between the first period (23-4) and the last (17-16) was unbelievable; on the downside we only made 6 of 16 foul shots (38% – the aim is to hit 50%), and we used the first 10 minutes getting the journey out of our systems.

Coach Walker’s assessment:

This was an amazing game; I cannot remember coming away from such a heavy defeat feeling so buoyant! After 11 minutes we were down 27-4 and the game was lost in this first crucial phase; to recover the way we did was testament to the determination and commitment of the nine players who travelled to Woking. Heads were down and all seemed to be lost; we had turned the ball over repeatedly, played less than average defence, missed all our foul shots and scored only twice, but with a change of defence (in fact with constantly changing defensive systems), some better passing and the confidence to shoot we recovered in the second half from a 42-11 first half to a 35-26 second half. We set ourselves three targets at half time – stop Woking getting to 100, get everyone on the scoreboard and get to 40 ourselves. Two out of three ain’t bad!

Next game:

Tuesday 29th January 2019 at 9:10pm at home to Farnborough Phantoms 2 in Division 3.


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